3 Things to Do in North End Boston This Winter

3 Things to Do in North End Boston This Winter

  • Danielle D’Ambrosio, Esq.
  • 02/11/22

Steeped in rich history with a European influence, Boston’s North End is a tapestry of culture, heritage, and authenticity. Visitors and residents alike marvel at the lauded architecture and the vibrant local lifestyle that features proximity to the Waterfront and Downtown. Season after season, there’s never a shortage of enchantment to find in North End. Whether you’re discovering the charming enclave for the first time, or you’re once again returning to experience the bustling community and hub of Italian culture that is North End there’s much to explore in one of Boston’s most celebrated neighborhoods. 

1. Visit the historic sites of the North End 

Settled by English Puritans in the early 1600s, the North End comprises some of the oldest streets in Boston. A trek through the famed neighborhood is reminiscent of a stroll through Old World Europe, and Italian remains the Lingua Franca to many that make up the nearly 41% Italian American resident population in the North End. 

The cultural influences of bygone eras remain intact within this sector of Boston, and the storied North End offers endless opportunities to uncover facts and learn lessons from our collective past.

The Freedom Trail

Every year, 3.2 million visitors converge onto the Freedom Trail located in the North End neighborhood’s center. The walking trail invites visitors to journey through the history of the American Revolution connecting 16 sites throughout Boston. 

The Freedom Trail is a succession of stops spanning through downtown Boston at various historical sites that paint a vivid picture of the American Revolution. These historical sites include Boston Common, Massachusetts State House, Park Street Church, Granary Burying Ground, King’s Chapel & King’s Chapel Burying Ground, Boston Latin School site and Benjamin Franklin statue, Old Corner Bookstore, Old South Meeting House, Old State House, Boston Massacre Site, and Faneuil Hall. 

Since 1964, The Freedom Trail Foundation has worked to market, promote, and help preserve the Freedom Trail through visitor services and programs, educational programs, and marketing and public relations efforts. 

2. Explore the North End food scene

A trip to the North End wouldn’t be complete without visiting any of the renowned eateries specializing in a variety of cuisines. Whether you’re looking for traditional, family-friendly spots or an intimate, modern, and romantic dinner for two, there’s no shortage of choices in one of Boston’s most time-honored neighborhoods. 

Boasting more than 100 restaurants, here are some notable spots to try and gain a sense of why the North End draws so many visitors year after year. 

Restaurants & Pizzerias

Food Markets

Cafes, Bakeries, Desserts & Pastries 

Pubs, Taverns, and Bars

3. Experience must-visit sites in and around North End 

Among the many reasons the North End is such a desirable community to visit is its proximity to varied attractions that make Boston a city unlike any other.  Enjoy unique winter activities, sip on a hot beverage while taking in some sites, or shop for one-of-a-kind treasures. There is much to explore in and around the North End. 

All Saints Way - Wall of Saints 

Located at the corner of Hanover and Battery, All Saints Way is a shrine in homage to the saints canonized by the Catholic Church. Created more than 25 years ago by Peter Baldasarri, All Saints Way is a reflection of the community’s connection to the Catholic faith and serves as a tribute to North End’s rich history. 


It is said that where there is water, there is life. When you visit Boston’s Waterfront neighborhood you’ll understand no truer words were ever spoken. Take a stroll down the Boston HarborWalk surrounded on both sides by the calming waters of Boston Harbor. A popular attraction in the City, visitors have the chance to walk the shoreline which leads to Langone Park, Christopher Columbus Park and Mirabella Pool, and other notable wharves. Here, visitors may also admire the small fleet of ships at Boston’s U.S. Coast Guard base. 


Tucked away between Boston’s scenic waterfront and the historic Fort Point District is the Seaport neighborhood of Boston known as the Innovation District. The bustling enclave attracts visitors for its exciting energy and is the perfect place to find unique art exhibitions and retail locations and share memorable experiences with friends and neighbors. 

The Boston Common Frog Pond

A visit to Boston in winter wouldn’t be complete without a stop by the famed Boston Commons Frog Pond, where every year residents and visitors gather to ice skate and celebrate the season. Admire the winter wonderland of snow and ice that brings out the child in us all and will beckon you to return year after year. 

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