How to Design your Condominium

How to Design your Condominium

  • Danielle D’Ambrosio, Esq.
  • 10/5/22

There is no way around it — as exciting as designing your condominium may seem, it also has the potential to be a rather daunting task. You may feel pressured to ensure you choose design features and elements that make the best use of your space and make it an enjoyable place to live. As leaders in Boston real estate, The D'ambrosio Group knows a thing or two about luxury condos in Boston Waterfront. This blog will share how best to design your Boston condominium to optimize light and space. Following these simple tips, you can create a luxury condominium that feels bright, airy, and spacious. Let's take a look!

Color palette

The first thing to consider is your color palette. When choosing color schemes for a room, one should consider the effect that colors have on the overall feeling of a space. Dark colors tend to make a room feel smaller and more intimate, while light colors create a sense of airiness and spaciousness. In a large room with high ceilings, for example, choosing light colors for the walls and furniture will help to open up the space and prevent it from feeling overwhelming.

Similarly, in a small room with low ceilings, light colors can help make an area appear more open and spacious. By carefully choosing colors that complement the size and shape of a room, one can create an illusion of space and achieve the desired atmosphere. Opt for bright whites and neutral paint colors like a white dove or any of these trending neutral wall colors for 2022.

Furniture and its placement

Another factor that significantly impacts how spacious your condominium feels is furniture — specifically its color, features, size, and placement. For example, light-colored or glass furniture can help brighten up a dark room and make it feel more spacious, while dark furniture will add a feeling of sophistication. Furthermore, opt for modular furniture or furniture pieces that serve more than one purpose, such as a daybed that doubles as a guest bed, a storage ottoman with built-in trays, or a bookcase with a pull-down table. You'll also want to be sure to arrange furniture so that it doesn't block any natural light sources, such as windows or doors. As for furniture size — it may seem counterintuitive, but small furniture can make a small space look smaller, whereas full-size furniture gives the illusion of more room and provides more storage space.

The way you arrange your furniture can have a profound impact on the overall look and feel of your condominium as well. With some planning and forethought, you can use furniture placement to make even the smallest room feel larger and more spacious. For instance, a well-placed sofa or chair can make a room feel more inviting, while a cluttered or cramped arrangement can make a space feel small. Likewise, positioning a couch against a wall will create a sense of openness, while placing it in the middle of the room will create a more intimate feeling. By taking the time to plan your furniture placement carefully, you can transform any area in your condominium into a welcoming and spacious retreat.

Mirrors make a difference

Consider adding mirrors to your condo's design scheme to create the illusion of light and space. Mirrors can make a small space feel larger and more luxurious when placed correctly. The strategic placement of a few mirrors can also reflect light and make your condominium feel brighter and more open. Place a mirror near a window to bring in more natural light or near artificial light sources in rooms without windows to achieve a similar effect. You can also use mirrors to accentuate your condo's best features, such as a beautiful view or an interesting architectural detail. Since the sun shines on the west and east-facing walls for half of the day, placing mirrors, shining metals, or reflecting glass on or adjacent to those walls will have the most significant impact. Track the paths of light beams in your condo and place reflective surfaces in those areas to capture and diffuse light across the rest of the space.

Think vertically

No matter how large or small your condominium may be, there is always the need for additional storage space. When renovating or redecorating, many condo owners focus on expanding horizontally, but this isn't the only way to create more storage. By thinking vertically, you can simultaneously make the most of your space and add stylish touches to your condo. For instance, instead of a traditional nightstand, consider mounting a floating shelf next to your bed; doing so gives you a place to store books, glasses, and other items without taking up valuable floor space. Likewise, install shelves above the toilet or in unused corners to hold towels and toiletries in the bathroom. Consider hanging pots and pans from a ceiling-mounted rack in the kitchen or installing a spice rack on the backsplash. By utilizing vertical space, you can easily add storage to any room in your condominium without sacrificing style or square footage.

Eliminate knickknacks

If you're looking to make your Boston condo feel more spacious, one of the easiest things you can do is eliminate knickknacks. Small trinkets and decor items can make a space feel cluttered and cramped, so getting rid of them can give your condo an instant upgrade. Instead of filling every shelf and surface with tchotchkes, choose a few select pieces you love, and display them in an attractive and functional way. For example, you might group items by color or style, or use them to create a focal point in the room. Streamlining your decor can make your condo feel open, airy, and chic.

Looking for a Boston condo?

When it comes to designing your condominium, there are endless possibilities. These are just a few ideas to get you started with optimizing your condo for light and space. So take your time, be creative, and have fun because we're confident you'll be able to design a space you love.

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